Most Durable Flooring Options for High Traffic Commercial Areas

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High-Traffic Commercial Flooring Options

Three types of floors stand out when you’re looking for maximum durability. The best option depends on the style you want and the type of business you have.

Resilient Flooring

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Quickly becoming one of the most popular options for businesses with high-traffic areas, resilient flooring combines durability, affordability, style, and flexibility. It lasts ages without looking dull or showing wear marks. It also offers a level of comfort that is remarkable for commercial flooring, thanks to the slight “give” of the material as you walk on it.

What is resilient flooring exactly? It refers to an elastic material that returns to its original shape after being compressed. Instead of cracking when a heavy pot is dropped on it, for example, a resilient floor would absorb the impact and spring back as if nothing happened.

There are several excellent types of resilient materials that work beautifully as high-traffic commercial flooring:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): This type of flooring offers premium textures to make it look virtually identical to ceramic tiles, stone, wood, marble, and other materials. LVT is high-quality flooring that provides exceptional moisture resistance and strength. What makes it stand out is the immense variety of style options available, letting you give high-traffic areas all the luxury of stone floors at a fraction of the cost.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP): This is constructed with the same durable, waterproof layers as LVT but comes in long planks instead of tile. When choosing a wood floor appearance, LVP can add even more realism. Stores can have flooring that looks practically identical to hardwood without the maintenance or installation costs associated with wood floors. LVP is a breeze to maintain.
  • Cork: Another rising star in resilient flooring, cork is biodegradable, making it perfect for environmentally conscious businesses. Cork flooring provides excellent cushioning, a plus for jobs where employees spend a long time walking or standing. Customers are also growing to love the comfort of cork, everywhere from bookstores and bistros to tech warehouses and grocery stores.

This flooring is inexpensive, making it a great choice for large retail stores and office buildings. It’s one of the best choices for high-traffic areas where moisture is present, such as prep kitchens or food-service production lines.

Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpeting has been a mainstay of high-traffic areas for a long time in offices, hotels, airports, casinos, convention centers, and many other large buildings. This carpeting is much easier to keep clean than residential carpets, and it has excellent crush resistance.

That said, even commercial carpets had a downside: traffic lanes. While this type of flooring is durable and stain-resistant, it can eventually develop noticeable patterns in hallway areas due to people always walking in the same line.

The solution is to install commercial carpet tiles instead of wall-to-wall carpets. That way, as carpeting begins to wear, you can simply replace a few tiles instead of having to replace the entire carpet. When you want the warmth and sophistication of carpeting, choose carpet tiles for high-traffic commercial flooring.

Quarry Tile

When you need a long-lasting tile floor that is incredibly strong and easy to maintain, quarry tile is the way to go. What is a quarry tile? It’s the reddish-colored tile you often see in restaurant kitchens. Quarry tile is a hard-fired clay tile that sometimes has shale or other stone for color.

This high-traffic commercial flooring is less expensive than ceramic tile and designed to last a lifetime. As long as a quarry tile floor is properly maintained — and correctly installed — most restaurant owners never have to worry about replacing the floor.

This option excels for the conditions usually present in a commercial kitchen:

  • High traffic
  • Hot spills
  • Grease
  • Fast cleanup
  • Hygienic work environment

For the best results, choose epoxy grout instead of cheaper options. Epoxy grout has the same durability and moisture resistance as quarry tile, so you can avoid having to replace the grout. Now that you know the options, how can you choose the best high-traffic commercial flooring for your company?

Factors To Consider for High Traffic Commercial Flooring

Every business is different when it comes to flooring needs. Your company can benefit from choosing different types of flooring for specific areas, from entryways to conference rooms. The right choice depends on a combination of these six factors:

  • Durability: Whether you choose tile, carpeting, or another type of flooring, it needs to stand up day in and day out to business operations. This frequently includes dirt and debris tracked into your business from outside, which would grind into weaker floors and make them lose their shine. On the other hand, durable flooring looks incredible for ages and stays bright even with high traffic.
  • Strength: Some types of flooring are physically stronger than others. They can resist equipment that employees use during daily operations. High-traffic commercial carpeting has better crush resistance to look vibrant no matter how many people walk on it.
  • Appearance: An important factor for your business, even for high-traffic areas, is ensuring the floor fits your design aesthetic. There are many options for installing flooring that looks colorful, elegant, and professional. You can enjoy a gorgeous foyer that shines beautifully but still stands up to throngs of shoppers without problems.
  • Water resistance: Another thing to consider when choosing the floor is the amount of moisture present. High-traffic commercial flooring for restaurant kitchens, coffee shop client areas, and R&D test kitchens should be resistant to spills. In production lines, it can save you a lot of time to have a heavy-duty floor that you can flood with water as needed.
  • Cost: Generally, commercial flooring options have a lower price tag than residential floors. It is more cost-effective to cover significant square footage with the same material. Of course, there are times when you want to spend more, such as installing eye-catching stone floors in your business’s reception area.
  • Maintenance: Last but not least, it’s also important to consider the maintenance required to keep your flooring in excellent condition. Commercial flooring for high-traffic areas is designed to be easy to care for.

Commercial Flooring Experts in Northern VA

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