What You Need To Know About Carpet Tiles

Room with Grey Carpet Tiling As you read this article, you’ll learn about what carpet tiles are and why they make great flooring:

  • Tiles made of carpet are cheaper than wall-to-wall options.
  • You can get carpet tiles in a variety of backings, fibers, patterns, and colors.
  • The cost of carpet tiling varies depending on a variety of factors, such as square footage and backing material.

Carpet is a popular flooring option for businesses and homes due to its soft texture and many design options. However, wall-to-wall carpets can be expensive and difficult to install. Fortunately, you have another option: carpet tiling. Plus, if you already know you want carpet tiling and need a quote, we’re ready to help!

What is Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiling a great option for both commercial enterprises and residences in northern Virginia. Instead of purchasing a single piece of carpeting cut to fit the space, you use identically sized squares to fill the room.

What Are Carpets Tiles Made Of?

Like wall-to-wall carpeting, carpet in tile form have two parts: the fibers on top and the backing you adhere to the subfloor. The question, “What are carpet tiles made of?” is complicated because both the fibers and backing vary. However, here we’re discussing the various backing options and their benefits.

Latex Rubber
If you’re planning to install flooring in a high-traffic area, you should consider tiles with latex rubber backing. Rubber is flexible and gives under pressure, making it incredibly durable. The extra give also makes it more comfortable to walk on.

Vinyl backing is an affordable option that also offers incredible durability. It’s scratch-resistant, so if you expect to do a lot of furniture moving, it’s a solid choice.

Businesses often use polypropylene because it’s one of the tougher options. It’s often installed using a peg and loop system that keeps the tiles secure, and the polypropylene itself is durable plastic. If you anticipate hard use of your flooring, this is a great choice.

What Kinds of Fibers Can I Choose From?

Which carpet fiber you choose makes a big impact, as it affects maintenance, texture, and cost. Some fibers are more durable than others, and some stain easily. You can also choose between organic and synthetic fibers:

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Why Should I Consider Carpet Tile Floors?

So, how can you tell if carpet flooring tiles are a good fit for your northern Virginia or D.C. property? Let’s look at all the benefits offered by this unique flooring.

Save Money and Time
Tiling carpet is generally less expensive than wall-to-wall options, partially because installation is easier and faster. Since the tiles are lighter, there’s less time spent lifting, thereby cutting down installation time and labor costs. There’s also less cutting, which is another time-saver.

Minimize Waste
Less cutting means less waste. When you use this type of tiling, less gets thrown away, which is good for the environment.

Create Customized Designs
Since you can install carpet tiles in multiple colors and textures, you have infinite options when it comes to design. You can create a truly unique aesthetic, which means a home that matches your personal style or a workspace that embraces your company’s vision.

Replace and Remove With Ease
If you have to access the subfloor, it’s easier to do with carpet tiles than wall-to-wall carpeting. When you have the latter, you have to cut away a section, and the subsequent repair may be noticeable. Carpet tiling, on the other hand, can be lifted away and replaced individually.

This feature also makes it easy to replace carpet that’s been worn from use. You can even save money by only replacing the worn spots.

What Textures Are Available?
Texture is important, especially for residential carpet tiles. You don’t want your home’s flooring to be uncomfortable or difficult to clean. Fortunately, carpet in tiles come in the same textures as wall-to-wall carpet, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your property.

Commercial enterprises often choose ribbed carpet for corporate offices and lobbies since it’s low-maintenance. However, it is also available for homeowners who like textured carpets and are willing to trade in softness for durability.

Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet has cut fibers tightly coiled into “twists.” They’re relatively soft to the touch but much shorter than plush carpet.

Cut and Loop
Carpet fibers have two forms: cut or loop. Cut fibers create a soft, flexible surface while loop is rough and sturdy. You can also see the difference: Cut fibers have loose ends, while loop fibers create a small loop with both ends connected to the backing.

One of today’s popular design choices is to have carpets that include both cut and loop fibers. These different textures create interesting patterns that elevate decor without stealing the spotlight.

Plush is a great option for bedrooms or any room where you plan to go barefoot. The fibers on plush tiles are thick, tall, and luxurious, creating a soft cushion that feels amazing to walk on. Since the fibers are longer, plush can be a little high maintenance, as dust is more easily trapped inside. However, if you don’t mind regular vacuuming, plush carpet has a lot to offer.

What Are Some Popular Carpet Tile Design Trends?

What are carpeting tiles but a chance to enhance your home or business? When you install wall-to-wall carpeting, the result is uniform color and texture. Modular carpeting allows you to play with patterns and contrast to create a unique aesthetic.

One fun way to spice up a space is to use two or more colors to create “planks” of tiles, arranged into stripes or herringbones. The effect is chic and interesting without being too overwhelming to the eye.

Since carpet tiles are modular, you can easily create a checkerboard pattern with two different colors. This design option is fun without being silly, making it a good choice for commercial enterprises.

Floral wallpaper has made a strong showing in recent years, but have you thought about floral carpet? These tiles come in bright colors for a bold statement or subdued patterns for a vintage effect.

Animal Print
Leopard or zebra print may be a bit much for the office, but plenty of homeowners are embracing the wild side with animal print carpet. If you want something show-stopping, there are plenty of prints to choose from.

Geometric designs are popular in lobbies and other commercial spaces. They provide interesting decor without incurring high costs. To create these designs, you can either get a geometric print or purchase tiles in intriguing shapes such as hexagons and triangles.

Bold Colors
Trends are turning away from monochromatic modern designs and embracing bold colors. You can make a statement with a singular hue or mix contrasting shades for an impressive effect.

How Much Do Carpet Tiles Cost?

So, how much will it cost to carpet your northern Virginia home or business? Since tiles made of carpet come in such a wide range of styles, backings, and sizes, you need a custom estimate. The good news is, Precision Flooring Services is here to help.

Precision Flooring Services can install both residential and commercial carpet tiles. Our technicians have extensive experience working in both environments and are dedicated to great customer service. For more information or to request your estimate, give us a call at 1-888-765-4737 or contact us online today.

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