Modern Carpet Styles & Trends

Despite the many incredible innovations in hard surfaces, carpets remain one of the best flooring options. They offer a plush and cozy underfoot feeling with intoxicating colors and patterns. Carpet manufacturers are now using the latest technologies to create jaw-dropping and stylish carpets.

The 2024 carpet trends express innovative, imaginative, and bold styles. They aim to create a more welcoming environment in one’s home or commercial building. The modern carpet trends bring about a timelessly elegant and indulgent finish that constructs a sense of refined luxury. 

Precision Flooring Services provides the best carpet style advice and installation services available in the DC metro area. We’re here to keep you updated with the latest carpet trends. So, let’s explore together the modern carpet trends in 2024.

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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are currently among the best commercial space and basement carpet options. This favored carpet offers consumers a durable solution with endless and edgy possibilities in custom patterns and colors.

Many of the carpet tiles available offer a waterproof option. Thus, ensuring they are ideal for water-prone and temperamental areas.

One of the best things about carpet tiles is that they are modular and installed using adhesives. It means you do not need to replace an entire floor if you damage one spot. You will only need to replace the damaged tile with a new one.

Patterned Carpets

Modern carpet trends involve a significant shift from plain carpets to patterned ones. Patterned carpets introduce fabulous artwork into a room and provide an excellent home décor. 

Most home designers support that the floor should be crucial in a home’s design scheme. One way to do that is to introduce color and patterns to the floor. The patterned carpet design creates a bold statement in a room.

Waterproof Carpet

Carpet manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative and very bold. One of the most incredible inventions is the waterproof indoor and outdoor carpets. The manufacturers use the latest technology to create the now famous 100% waterproof carpet.

One of the best merits of the carpet is that you will not need to worry about it getting moldy, stains, and soaked. The carpet allows you to easily use any liquid for a quick clean-up without the risk of a long soaking period.  

Eco-Friendly Carpet

Most businesses and homeowners currently prioritize sustainability in the brands they buy. They tend to look at the impacts of products on the environment and society. 

The significant shift towards environmental sustainability has encouraged carpet manufacturers to create eco-friendly carpets. They use materials like recycled synthetic fibers, recycled water bottles, and many others. Here are two examples of the modern carpet trends that promote sustainability.

Sisal Carpets

Manufacturers make the sisal carpets from the agave sisals woven plant fibers. The fabulous eco-friendly carpet’s texture is rope-like, which creates a welcoming and homey environment. 

Recycled Carpets

The recycled carpets provide consumers with an environmentally-responsible flooring option. The modern carpet trend is currently prevalent as manufacturers use recycled materials to make it. In addition, the materials do not compromise durability, comfort, or stain resistance.

Neutral Color Options

The neutral color option is one of the timeless trends that exist. If you are a minimalist, neutral-colored carpets are ideal. They also play an essential role in creating a sense of calm. The carpet’s neutral shade makes it easy for one to coordinate various room designs. Thus, creating a consistent flow.

Why Choose Precision Flooring Services for your Commercial Carpet Installation?

The carpet installation process for your home or business in Northern Virginia is not something you should take lightly. Aspects such as the type of carpet to use and the best carpeting service should factor in your decision. A business’s or home’s flooring appearance plays an essential role in influencing an individual perception of you.

At Precision Flooring Services, we have a team of professionals ready to help you select the best modern carpets. After picking the perfect carpet option, our team of experts will help with the most outstanding installation.

Flooring is part of our DNA. Thus we have an unrelenting commitment to providing excellence in all our carpet installation projects.

Find the Best Selection of Carpeting in the DC Metro Area

Carpets are currently one of the most incredible flooring design options for homes and businesses. One of the main reasons for the present popularity in 2024 is the innovative technology manufacturers use. The technology ensures the development of the most incredible carpets. 

For any carpet installation, Precision Flooring Services is here to help. We commit to offering our customers the best services in the DC metro area. Contact us at 887-765-4737 or visit our website for more information.

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