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Corporate Office Flooring Design

  • Are you looking to shake things up at your Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia office? Whether you’ve been in your space for a while or moving to a new location, you should consider refinishing the workplace.

    Of course, once you start considering the space, you will want to ensure that you’re using it effectively. That’s where our office space consultants can help.

  • What Can Office Design Do for You?

    Office design is about more than aesthetics — the right floor finishes and materials can help you save money, expand your client base, and even increase employee efficiency. The key, of course, is understanding how floor finishes work together with other elements in the office to create these effects. Fortunately, Precision Flooring Services has the expertise to help you design the perfect space for your purposes.

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    Impresses Clients

    If you meet with clients, you know how important it is to make a great first impression. When they step through the door, they’ll immediately form an opinion about your company based on aesthetics. By carefully thinking about floor and wall details, you can control the narrative from square one and convince clients that you’re the company for the job.

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    Entices Potential Talent

    Potential talent is another demographic you want to impress from the get-go. If you’re competing with other Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia businesses, you want to show that your company is professional, resourceful, and thoughtful about the working environment. After all, one of the best ways to entice potential talent is to offer a place they want to work in.

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    Improves Employee Well-Being

    A pleasant working space can actually improve employee well-being, which means fewer missed days and a more positive working environment. For example, we can guide you through floor and paint finishes that can maximize existing natural light, as studies show that natural light can lead to fewer headaches and eyestrain.

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    Improves the Atmosphere

    Offices are stereotypically dull, but modern companies are shaking things up with interesting colors and bold design choices. Putting a little life into a hum-drum space can boost morale, which leads to a better experience for everyone.

What Is the Office Design Process?

  • The most important thing to realize during the office design process is that you’ll need to go through multiple steps to ensure you get the space you want. Of course, our professionals will be there the entire way with open lines of communication.

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    Understanding Client Needs

    First and foremost, we want to understand your company. We’ll sit down with you during a preliminary consultation and talk about all of your goals. This includes looking at several factors:

    Current use of space
    Brand personality
    Working methods
    Company culture

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    Analyzing the Space

    Once we have a thorough understanding of your company, we look at what we have to work with. For this purpose, we analyze the existing space. This includes taking measurements, taking stock of the advantages, and making note of the disadvantages. With this information, we can plan your ideal design into the actual space.

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    Discussing Concept Design

    Making your idea a reality is more difficult than it sounds, which is why we create a concept of the layout first. Our experts then meet with you to discuss any changes or compromises that need to be made. Then we can take the space and make it work for you.

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    Choosing Finishes

    Once you’ve greenlit the concept, we can start planning and presenting flooring and paint options for your consideration; our experts will offer several suggestions that fall in line with the concept and use your input to create the perfect office space.

  • Smarter Choices

    Documenting Product Information

    The last step is to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. As we renovate your office, we pay close attention to health and safety issues, as well as product information. We take the time to ensure everything is documented and all orders are accurate to design specifications.

The Precision Difference

  • Flooring DNA

    Flooring DNA

    An unrelenting commitment to doing what’s right, even when it might be faster or cheaper to cut corners. Flooring is in our DNA, and “we strive for excellence"

  • Synchronization


    The expertise and experience to synchronize your flooring installation with all of the other complexities and time demands of an interior finishes project.

  • Smarter Choices

    Smarter Choices

    A deep passion for solving challenges—and or offering pragmatic advice to help you make smart flooring choices.

How Can You Get an Estimate?

If you’re looking for office design services in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, Precision Flooring Services can assist. We’re dedicated to helping businesses create a productive and pleasing space with our many flooring options and stellar customer service. 

For more information or to get an estimate, contact us at 888-765-4737 or fill out the form below.

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