Flooring Removal Services

flooring removal services

When you want to renovate a space, you need to remove undesired flooring, and finding great flooring removal companies can be daunting. Fortunately, Precision Flooring Services can assist with this task if you’re located in Alexandria, VA, Washington, D.C., or the surrounding areas.

Not only can we tear up unwanted floors, but we’ll also haul away the debris. We’re dedicated to making the process convenient, so you can focus on creating your ideal space. If you need flooring removal services than contact us today!

We Can Perform Floor Removal on a Variety of Flooring Types

The experts at Precision Flooring Services have experience with a variety of flooring removal and repair services. Each flooring type offers different concerns regarding demolition, and our technicians are careful to keep them in mind. As a result, there’s no damage to structures you want to keep, and your floor is ready for new installation. 

So, what kinds of floor removal can we tackle? Here’s everything we work with.

Carpet Flooring Removal

Precision Flooring Services is the place to call when you need a carpet removal company, as we’re able to tear out both broadloom and carpet tile. What if the carpet has suffered water damage? No problem.

We can safely remove water-damaged carpets from houses and businesses in Alexandria, VA, Washington, D.C., or the surrounding areas. Damp carpet can contain all sorts of hazards:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bugs

Fortunately, our experts can remove the offending carpet without risk to your property or its residents.

Ceramic Tile Removal

Ceramic tile is great for creating an aesthetically pleasing floor while keeping maintenance low. However, it can be a pain to remove, as the process is messy. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about the mess when Precision Flooring Services is on the job.

Our experts can remove ceramic tile without creating a fuss. In no time, your discarded tile will be out of your hair.

Vinyl and Linoleum Removal

Vinyl and linoleum are popular flooring options due to their low maintenance, affordable price, and quick installation. However, they can peel back over time and require demolition before new options can be installed.

As flooring specialists, we offer quick and convenient vinyl and linoleum floor removal. Our expert work means minimal disruption to your day and an optimal surface for your next installation.

Hardwood Flooring Removal

Hardwood can be just as difficult and time-consuming to remove as it is to install. If you’re looking to recycle or sell the flooring, you have to be extra careful, as lackadaisical work can damage planks. Fortunately, Precision Flooring Services professionals are trained in hardwood floor removal, allowing us to clear away wood planks without issue.

Stone Flooring Removal

When you want a gorgeous walkway or stunning floor, natural stone is the best option. However, if this highly durable material is damaged, the best option is replacement. Fortunately, our experts can remove even the toughest stone.

We Provide the Highest Quality Floor Removal Service

Why choose Precision Flooring Services? We’re able to assist with nearly any flooring in any property.

Commercial Flooring Removal

We’ve worked on commercial flooring projects with a variety of businesses:

We understand that each property has its own unique needs, which is why we’re able to provide such varied services.

Residential Flooring Removal

Residential flooring is an entirely different beast from commercial, as it not only needs to be durable, but it also must create a comfortable, personalized home. Whether you’re a homeowner building your dream house or a landlord looking to increase your rental’s value, you understand that flooring is a significant investment. Here at Precision Flooring Services, we take that investment seriously.

You Can Get a Quote for Floor Removal Today

Is your home or business in Alexandria, VA, Washington, D.C., or the surrounding areas? Do you want to remove your flooring? Then it’s time to contact Precision Flooring Services.

In addition to flooring removal, we also offer installation, repair, and maintenance. Our technicians are always friendly and happy to go over your options. To request a quote or find out more, you can visit us online or give us a call at 888-765-4737.

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