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Sports Flooring Services

  • The floor athletes play on can have a significant impact on their experience. That’s why Precision Flooring Services offers only the best materials for your basketball gym floor. As the premier flooring experts in the Baltimore/Washington Corridor, we can supply synthetic, wood, polyurethane, and rubber sports floors.

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    Rubber Sport Flooring

    While hardwood is the original sports flooring, it’s not your only option. Rubber basketball courts have become more popular over the years due to their seamless appearance and high durability. Additionally, rubber is more hygienic than other materials since it’s non-porous; that means there’s no risk of bacteria hiding in tiny crevices.

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    Wood Sport Surfaces

    We use maple for our basketball court wood due to its many benefits:

    Smooth grain texture
    Attractive color
    Wide availability
    High shock resistance
    High hardness rating and density

    Maple is incredibly durable, lasting years before wear becomes noticeable. It’s then a simple process to sand down the hardwood and refinish it for a new, brilliant look. If you want a classic aesthetic for your Baltimore/Washington location, maple is the obvious choice.

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    Polyurethane Flooring for Sports

    Like rubber sports floors, polyurethane courts are highly durable, slip-resistant, and seamless. They also offer great shock absorption, which is easier on athletes’ knees and other joints. Additionally, it’s a wonderful option for organizations concerned with their carbon footprint. The creation of polyurethane is incredibly efficient, producing very little waste compared to other materials.

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    Synthetic Sports Flooring

    If you need a more affordable flooring option for your facilities, you can opt for a synthetic basketball court. This material is easier to maintain than wood and isn’t prone to absorption, which means you don’t have to worry about the long-term effects of flooding or spills.

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    Free Estimates on Sport Flooring Installation

    Are you located in the Baltimore/Washington Corridor and looking to install a basketball court or other sports flooring? Then Precision Flooring Services is the contractor to go with. Our flooring company is proud to work with a variety of organizations and deliver the best installers, coverings, and customer service.
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