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  • The flooring in your restaurant has a significant impact on your staff’s efficiency and customers’ experience. Fortunately, if you’re constructing or remodeling in northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C., Precision Flooring Services can help. We can install a variety of restaurant and diner flooring tiles, and our experienced professionals can help you pick the material that best fits your unique needs.

  • What Factors Should You Consider When Picking Commercial Restaurant Flooring?

    You’ll want durable flooring for your restaurant. After all, the longer your floors last, the less money you have to spend repairing and replacing. However, there are a few other factors you’ll need to keep in mind as you consider different materials.
    Which of these is the most important to your business? Setting your priorities is essential to choose a material you’re happy with and that matches your culinary needs.

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    Anti-Slip Kitchen Flooring

    Here in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, we get our fair share of rain, which means we know how dangerous it can be to slip and fall on a wet floor. When you run a restaurant, there are bound to be some spills now and then, which can put employees and customers at risk if the mess goes unnoticed. Investing in anti-slip kitchen flooring can end up being a big savings down the line.

    Anti-slip flooring provides traction to prevent sliding or slipping, which can be a lifesaver during a dinner rush. If you anticipate high traffic, you should consider anti-slip flooring products.

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    Ease of Maintenance

    Another major concern is maintenance. Are there any special precautions you need to take to prevent damage to flooring? Does the flooring require regular treatment to prevent wear? While regular maintenance can extend the life of your floor, it can quickly become cumbersome and occupy employees who otherwise would be serving customers.

    Flooring that’s easily maintained can save you time and effort, which is why many business owners choose it. However, there are some high maintenance materials, yet have a longer lifespan if taken care of. Before you make your choice, be sure to weigh longevity versus maintenance needs.

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    Cost of Flooring

    How much are you willing to spend on flooring? There are plenty of cheap options, but you have to weigh the cons against the low price once again.

    Some materials are inexpensive because they’re not as durable and require replacement or repair regularly. Are you saving money if you have to replace the floors every few years? Make sure you do the math before investing.

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    Flooring Aesthetics

    Finally, you need to consider aesthetics. What do you want customers to see when they enter your restaurant? What atmosphere are you trying to create?

    Though a “superficial” factor, aesthetics significantly impact customer experience and can undermine good food and service if poorly managed. While figuring out your priorities, make sure you don’t discount the stylistic factor.

  • What Are the Best Materials for Commercial Kitchen or Restaurant Flooring?

    Now that we’ve reviewed the factors that can impact your flooring choice let’s look at the materials. Here at Precision Flooring Services, we’re skilled in installing many different flooring types, which means that whatever you choose, you can count on the highest quality service.

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    Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood is incredibly versatile, fitting perfectly into luxurious spaces, rustic settings, and everything in between. Although it requires some upkeep, investing in hardwood can provide a beautiful floor that lasts decades.

    The professionals at Precision Flooring Services provide a variety of services for hardwood in addition to installation, include: restoration, refinishing, and staining.

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    Carpet may seem counterintuitive when there’s a lot of food and drink around, but it’s a popular choice in the front of house for many restaurants due to its comfort and usefulness in interior design. If you want to make a space feel luxurious and comfy, carpet is an excellent choice.

    Precision Flooring Services offers carpet in various textures, colors, and patterns, allowing you to create the décor you envision. If the style is a top priority, you should consider carpeting for your Washington-Baltimore corridor eatery.

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    Vinyl Flooring

    Commercial grade vinyl flooring for restaurants is an extremely popular choice in the Washington-Baltimore area due to its easy cleaning and low maintenance needs. You’re also guaranteed to find a style that fits your business, as there are many vinyl options: Luxury vinyl plank, Composite tiling, and Sheet vinyl.

    Precision Flooring Services recommends this material for high-traffic areas due to its extreme resilience. Additionally, vinyl is available in many patterns and colors, ensuring you can find the right aesthetics for your space.

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    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy is an excellent choice for back of the house flooring in restaurants. At Precision Flooring Services, we know that maintaining a clean and safe environment in your restaurant kitchen is your top priority. Unlike traditional tile floors where bacteria can often collect in the grout lines, epoxy floors have a seamless design leaves nowhere for these harmful microorganisms to hide. Epoxy Floor systems can offer highly chemical and heat resistant top coats that help make your floors incredibly easy to clean. Worried about slippery floors? Don’t be – certain epoxy floor systems come standard with non-slip aggregate that you can incorporate as lightly or as heavily as you desire.

The Precision Difference

  • Flooring DNA

    Flooring DNA

    An unrelenting commitment to doing what’s right, even when it might be faster or cheaper to cut corners. Flooring is in our DNA, and “we strive for excellence"

  • Synchronization


    The expertise and experience to synchronize your flooring installation with all of the other complexities and time demands of an interior finishes project.

  • Smarter Choices

    Smarter Choices

    A deep passion for solving challenges—and or offering pragmatic advice to help you make smart flooring choices.

Why Choose Precision Flooring Services for Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

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Are you located in the Washington-Baltimore corridor and seeking flooring experts? Then it’s time to call Precision Flooring Services’ flooring company. We’re dedicated contractors that want customers get the most out of their new floors. For more information or to request a quote, contact us at 888-765-4737 or Contact us here.

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