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Does your northern Virginia business need new flooring? Worn or broken tile flooring can leave a bad impression on customers and even pose a safety hazard. If the floors in your shop or office need an update, then you should look into options for new tile installation and services. Our team of certified tilers can get the project knocked out in not time!

But what should you use as a replacement? Here at Precision Flooring Services, we recommend tiled floors for a durable, beautiful floor that’s sure to impress visitors.

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How to Choose the Right Tile to Install in Your Home or Business

Once you’ve decided on tiling, you need to choose a specific type. There are hundreds of options, so how can you find the one that’s right for your enterprise?

The good news is that you can find the diamond in the rough by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the area’s decor?
  • Is the area high traffic?
  • How much effort can you devote to maintenance?

The answers will eliminate inappropriate options and point you to the perfect tile.

Tile Flooring Cost

If you want high-quality tile, you will need to spend a little more up front for it to last longer and look nicer. If aesthetics are more important and you have the funds, stone is the most elegant tiling option and we’ll gladly provide a quote.

Fortunately, there are modest options that still offer durability and pleasing aesthetics. If your budget is a concern, you should stick to ceramic tile, as it’s both affordable and attractive on top of other benefits. 

Aesthetics of Tile Floors

If the flooring is in a reception area or another space clients are likely to see, you need to give great thought to how the tile flooring will work with the existing design. 

Tile is so diverse that you’re sure to find something that works — you just have to decide what effect you want to create. Since Precision Flooring Services also offers design services, we can help you make the right choice for your business.

Durability of Tile

High-traffic areas need durable flooring; you don’t want worn patches or broken slabs in a few years. Tile is one of the more durable flooring options, though just how durable depends on the type. Some of the harder natural stones, such as granite, can withstand much abuse without chipping.

Tile Flooring Maintenance

Finally, you need to think about how much effort you want to put into maintenance. Ceramic tile is one of the lowest maintenance flooring options, but porous natural stone needs to be sealed and cleaned immediately in the event of spills. 

No matter what kind of tile you choose, the grout may need deep cleaning every few years, especially if the area sees a lot of foot traffic.

Benefits of Choosing Precision Flooring Services for Tile Flooring Installation

There are plenty of construction companies that offer tile installation in northern Virginia, so why choose Precision Flooring Services? The answer is simple: Flooring is our area of expertise, so much so that we put it in our name. If you want help with your next flooring project, call us today.

When you hire Precisions Flooring Services, you’re getting years of experience and dedication to top-quality construction.

Tile Floor Installed by Precision Flooring Service

Tile Work Offered by Precision Flooring Services

We can demolish old flooring and even build subflooring to ensure your floors have a good foundation. For tile, we offer ceramic and natural stone options. Depending on what you choose, you may want to enlist our maintenance services to ensure your floor lasts as long as possible.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Installation

Precision Flooring Services can install ceramic tile flooring wherever you need. The process typically takes three days at most, which includes the removal of previous flooring and cleaning. If you choose glazed ceramic tile, you don’t have to worry about sealing it, as the surface is already sealed from firing.

During the installation process, we can seal the grout if you wish. Grout sealing makes it easier to clean, as dust particles will only land on the smooth sealed surface instead of settling into the crevices.

Stone Tile Flooring Installation

There are many reasons stone has been used in architecture since ancient times:

  • It can last decades, if not hundreds of years
  • It’s readily available
  • It’s beautiful

Today, you can find stone in a wide range of colors and textures, imported from all over the world. Of course, natural stone requires a certain level of care.

Precisions Flooring Services is happy to help customers find a natural stone that fits their needs. 

We understand how frustrating it can be to invest in a floor that doesn’t keep up with your business, which is why we’ll carefully review all your options before the installation process even starts.

Quotes for Your Tile Floor Installation Project in Northern Virginia

Precision Flooring Services is a proud flooring company aiming to serve commercial enterprises in northern Virginia and the surrounding area. Whether you need repair, replacement, or installation, our contractors are happy to provide it. 

To find out more call 866-773-2557 or to request a quote fill out the form below. Don’t hesitate — your renovated floor could be just days away.

(Want something besides tile? Ask us about commercial carpeting and hardwood floor options.)

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