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  • Carpet, tile, and other types of flooring solutions are typically glued to the concrete beneath with very strong adhesives. If you're having your flooring removed or replaced, you'll need to have the adhesive removed as well. Without the right equipment, adhesive removal is incredibly difficult, and it can gum up and destroy your at-home tools. That's why adhesive removal is best left to the pros. At Precision Flooring, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to efficiently remove adhesive from concrete, so the floor is a blank canvas for the next flooring solution.

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    Tile Adhesive Removal

    Tile adhesive is applied directly to the concrete floor beneath, creating a strong bond that effectively keeps tiles in place for many years while experiencing a lot of wear and tear. When it's time to remove the tile adhesive from your floor, specialized tools are needed to get the job done. When tiles are removed, the adhesive leaves a grid pattern on the bare concrete below, which, in the flooring industry, we call ghosting. Because adhesive remover is toxic, it's not advised as the best practice for adhesive removal. Instead, we use specialized tools like a diamond grinder to remove the ghosting so the concrete floor can be polished, leaving no trace of a tile pattern behind. This method is much safer, and the end result is adhesive-free.

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    Carpet Glue Removal

    Carpets have padding beneath that is often double glued to the concrete floor. Whether it's been there for decades or just a few years, carpet glue removal can be a messy process. The glue that's left behind can cause problems when new flooring is laid, so it's best to completely remove all glue residue before a new flooring solution is installed. In order to remove the carpet glue, and padding, it takes professional equipment and an experienced professional to get the job done right. At Precision Flooring, we have state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled technicians to ensure that your floors are adhesive-free and ready for a new floor to be installed.

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    Cutback Adhesive Removal

    Cutback adhesive is found in factories, warehouses, and buildings built before 1984. This thick substance is very difficult to remove, and it should never be attempted on your own. Because it often contains asbestos, cutback adhesive requires the attention of an experienced flooring professional. Removing adhesive from concrete can be accomplished with certain solvents, but they release dangerous fumes, making cleanup a toxic task. Instead, the best method for removing cutback adhesive is by diamond grinding it down with a combination of wet scraping and grinding. Cutback adhesive must be completely removed from your concrete floor before tile adhesives can be applied. The two are not compatible, and they won't bond effectively.
    At Precision Flooring, we have the equipment and training to safely and efficiently remove cutback adhesive so that your floor is clean and ready for a new application.

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    Adhesive Removal from the Professional in Alexandria, VA

    Precision Flooring is the D.C. Metro area's trusted flooring contractor. Named the Best Hardwood Flooring Company in Alexandria, Virginia, by Oversight Report in 2022, our team proudly serves clients in the region with excellence, experience, and expertise. We offer a variety of flooring services for property investors and business owners in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, including turnkey solutions, floor replacement services, and floor installations for new builds. If you're interested in learning more about removing adhesive from concrete, or you'd like to discuss your flooring options, contact us today for a free quote. Our experts will be happy to help you design the perfect flooring solution for your business.

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