Indoor Basketball Court: Types Of Floor Material

Basketball court floor

Did you know that indoor basketball courts can have a range of flooring options? Although wood may be the most popular choice, there are several materials to choose from in the Metro DC area, and each offers unique benefits to gameplay, durability, and safety.
Precision Flooring Services is here to look at the most popular choices for basketball court floors so you can pick the material that’s best for your facility.

Wood Sport Surfaces

Wood is the most traditional and most popular choice for basketball court floors, from professional courts to high school gyms.
It’s no surprise that wood has stood the test of time.
The material is widely available, extremely durable, and is hardy and dense. This is important when your flooring material needs to have the properties necessary to provide excellent traction, shock absorption, and a good bounce.
Maple is the most widely used wood, but oak is another common choice. The light color refracts light and makes it easier to spot the ball while providing the durability necessary for that much foot traffic.
Best of all, a wood sport surface can be sanded down and refinished, leading to like-new results with little effort and cost necessary.

Synthetic Sports Flooring

Synthetic flooring is an affordable alternative to wood for indoor basketball court floors. Because it’s man-made, your color options are endless, making it easy to match your school colors or incorporate your company’s logo into the design. Vinyl flooring has proven to have excellent traction and better shock absorption than traditional wood flooring, which makes it a safer flooring choice for indoor basketball courts.
The surface is incredibly durable and requires less maintenance than wood while providing better bounce.
Although wood may be the most traditional choice, it’s no surprise that synthetic sports flooring is gaining popularity.

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane is a popular choice for basketball courts and multipurpose areas that provides comparable durability and performance quality to synthetic and wood floors. Like synthetic flooring, polyurethane is more affordable than the price of wood per square foot.
When it’s time to install polyurethane flooring, it can often be applied directly on top of the old floor.
In fact, we’ve found at Precision Flooring Services that these old wood floors usually provide the perfect foundation for a new, low-maintenance polyurethane floor.

Rubber Sport Flooring

Rubber may not be the first thing you think of when you consider basketball court flooring, but it’s a widely used flooring material that’s incredibly effective for a variety of sports—including basketball.
Rubber offers excellent shock absorption, which is easier on your joints than traditional wood flooring, leading to fewer injuries during play.
It’s also a non-porous material that doesn’t harbor bacteria, which translates to fewer germs and a lower risk of getting sick each time you step onto the court.
For these reasons and more, it’s no surprise that rubber is quickly becoming one of the most popular basketball court flooring options.

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