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Residential and commercial flooring requires precision in installation to enhance the beauty of your property.

Whether you are constructing a new home or planning for a remodel, the flooring you choose determines the glamor of your house. So, installing or remodeling your floor is not an easy decision. You must select the type of flooring materials, design, color, and, most importantly, the best flooring installers in your area. 

If you want a top hardwood flooring company in the DC metro area, Northern VA, you are in the right place. Precision Flooring Services was featured in the 2022 list of top-rated Hardwood Flooring Companies. We are happy to share our success by offering the best flooring services in Virginia, just contact us today to get started with your next flooring intallation project. 

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Top-rated Hardwood Flooring Company in 2022

Flooring can make a significant difference in the aesthetic of your property or home and enhance its value. However, installing and replacing your home hardwood floor is a project that requires high-level skills compared to other ordinary floorings.

Hardwood is a prime flooring choice that combines aesthetics and warmth into a space. It is a highly-specialized flooring option with many features, species, and colors. The many features of hardwood floors can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what is best for your home.

Hire the Best Hardwood Flooring Installers in DC & Northern VA

To ensure you get the hardwood flooring that can improve your home’s beauty, hiring one of the best flooring installers in the DC metro area, Northern VA is ideal. Hiring a hardwood flooring installer seems easy until you notice the hundreds of flooring companies near you. Although you can find significant results if you search “flooring installers around,” choosing one of the options without more searching on their ratings can leave you with poor installation. Selecting one of the 2022 top-rated hardwood flooring companies can guarantee you quality flooring that can serve you for decades. The one you choose needs top ratings in professionalism, responsiveness, and quality in installing and renovating hardwood floors. 

To ascertain that you only get the best flooring installers, you must conduct a rigorous search in your locality by critically analyzing the flooring options, pricing, quality of services, and installation process.

But, if you are looking for the 2022 top-rated hardwood flooring installers in the DC metro area, Northern VA, worry no more. Precision Flooring Services was named the Best Hardwood Flooring Company by Industry Oversight Report in 2022. In addition, we have also been recognized as the Top Hardwood Flooring Company in Alexandria. 

How the 2022 Top-rated Hardwood Flooring Company is Decided

Wonder how the best hardwood flooring company is decided? There are hundreds of flooring installers in the DC metro area and Northern VA, but not all can offer personalized hardwood flooring services for the diverse clientele in the region. Hence, only a fraction of the highly qualified service pros met the precise requirements to qualify for the best flooring installers.

How Do You Determine the Winners?

Industry oversight award winners undergo a rigorous assessment process using 150-point scrutiny. In each category, features believed to be most essential for clients are evaluated. 

Industry Oversight’s ratings consider:

  • A steady flow of reviews
  • Credibility of reviews
  • Licenses, accreditations, and rewards
  • Rating distribution consistency with statistical formulas
  • Complaints about the company’s activities in the public register

Who Selects the Awards?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is responsible for highlighting stellar business in the competition. Industry Oversight’s experts make the final decision based on the AI’s algorithm.

Can Companies Pay to Get a Best-Of Award?

No. Industry Oversight team members are solely responsible for company assessment and evaluation. They accept or reject participants based on score formulas used to analyze essential features. So, only the best company can get the “Best-Of” award.

How Can I View Past Winners?

Once you are a winner, you can keep celebrating the award even in the coming years. Hence, even the ‘Best-Of’ winners in previous years are still live and considered among the best. 

Commercial Flooring Experts in Alexandria, VA

When installing or renovating your flooring, you need a professional flooring company that can do it all. Quality services, customer interactions, pricing, and after-sale services are key factors to consider. 

In addition, selecting a company featured in Industry Oversight’s ‘Best-Of’ can be an added advantage to securing the best flooring services in the DC metro area, Northern, VA. 

At Precision Flooring Services, even our name dictates our commitment. We have certified flooring installation mechanics that enable us to offer only the best artistry services in the industry, in addition to expert flooring repair service. Our team of experts constantly trains with the latest products and methods to ensure that our customers’ floor reflects the newest design in the industry.

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When you have flooring issues, you need the best flooring installers that can do it all. At Precision Flooring Services, we provide a comprehensive flooring package you can get nowhere else in DC Metro. Whether you need new hardwood flooring installation or replacement, we are a one-stop destination.

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