What To Do Before Carpet Installation

Changing your home carpet can be exciting, but it’s not always a smooth process. It requires adequate preparation since proper and competent installation is key to your carpet’s performance and durability. The carpet installation process will go more smoothly if you know what to do and your expectations.

Below are key things you should know as you prepare for carpet installation in your home.

A carpet folded back over the corner of a room.

Before the Work Begins

When you buy a carpet from Precision Flooring Services, we take care of the basics of the installation. The first step is to dispatch an assessor to estimate your floor size and figure out how to save money by taking accurate carpet measurements. Having accurate floor measurements helps to reduce wastage. It also helps us to recommend an expert carpet installer familiar with who has relevant experience in installing your type of carpet. 

Besides Precision Flooring Services creating high-performance, long-lasting floors, we offer professional carpet installation services in the DC metro area and Northern VA.

Check Out Your Contract

Once you’ve picked the kind of carpet to install in your home and have a work schedule, we’ll advise you on how to proceed with the installation process. You may need to sign a contract on how to prepare your home for carpet installation, including details on:

  • The duration of the job
  • The installation process
  • Safety requirements during the carpet installation process
  • The working hours of the carpet installation team
  • The steps to take after carpet installation

The contact may also highlight specific requirements that you have for a particular carpet installation job. For instance, the team may have to remove doors and floor molding during carpet installation. So, the contract should highlight who is responsible for fixing the doors and floor molding. Additionally consider if you are using traditional carpet or carpet tiles, which are installed somewhat differently using an adhesive.

Talk to the Carpet Installer

Before the installation begins, contact the carpet installer to establish what they’re accountable for and their work schedule. The installer should give you details of their availability so you can determine when the team can come to your house for the carpet installation. 

Where Should Your Furniture be?

Homeowners often ask, “Do carpet installers move furniture?” Depending on the room you are installing your carpet, there are things you need to move. First, consult your installer if you have oversized furniture pieces, larger items, or appliances because you may require hiring third parties to move them.

Removing the furniture before the installer arrives makes the carpet installation process easy and fast. You must also remove other small objects such as televisions, lamps, and other breakables. Place the furniture in rooms that the carpet installer will not access. You will put back the items in their places after the carpet installation. Your installer will handle the removal and disposal of the old carpet.

Trim and Molding

When the carpet installation begins, your installer will remove trim and molding. These are fragile and may break during the carpet installation process. You’re responsible for replacing any breakages that occur.

Ensure All Doors in the House Will Clear the New Carpet

Door clearance often changes after you install a new carpet in a room. When installing a thick carpet, you must trim your home doors before reinstalling them. Trimming the doors at the bottom ensures your doors open and close as they were initially before changing the carpet. Since carpet installers don’t undertake carpentry work, you must hire an expert to trim the doors so they fit into the new space.

What is the Maintenance for the New Carpet?

Getting a new carpet for your home is an expensive project. Therefore, you need a maintenance plan to preserve your carpet quality. Carpet maintenance involves regular vacuuming. The traffic determines the frequency of vacuuming on your carpet. A frequently stepped-on carpet requires regular vacuuming to prevent wear and tear.

When buying a vacuum cleaner, acquire one with a beater bar. The beater bar vibrates, shaking the soil, and making it easier for the suction to take it up. The other way to take care of your carpet is to get professional carpet cleaning services. Washing your carpet too often may cause it to wear out. Carpets require steam cleaning about two times a year. Besides preserving the look of your carpet, getting professional carpet cleaning services ensures the validity of your carpet’s warranty as per the manufacturer’s standards.

Hire Carpet Professionals in the DC-Area

Installing a new carpet in your home upgrades the look of your home and increases your home’s value. When looking to install a new carpet and how to prepare for carpet installation in the DC metro area, Northern VA, look no further. Precision flooring Company—the DC carpet-pro is ready to serve you.

You can contact Precision Flooring company by calling 1-888-765-4737 or emailing info@precisionflooringservices.com. Upon sending your inquiry, the team at Precision Flooring will get back to you with further information on installing a new carpet in your home.

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