Best Non-Slip Flooring For Your Restaurant

Eco-Grip flooring imageMost workplace accidents occur due to negligence or non-compliance. Business owners set policies and train their employees on the best safety measures to avoid such accidents. Unfortunately, these training sessions can only go so far, and accidents still occur. It’s best to provide a safe working environment to prevent accidents and increase productivity.

Nothing is more important than improving your floor structure to create a safe workplace environment. Adding a carpet can seem easy but will lead to damage and quick replacement costs. Luckily, there are several flooring options that you can use. Eco-grip flooring is a perfect consideration to boost the safety of your workplace.

What is Eco-Grip Flooring?

Eco-grip is a revolutionary flooring product for surfaces that must be safe, waterproof, and slip-resistant. Most restaurants, hospitals, and other businesses suffer significant financial losses due to falls and slips, especially when workers don’t wear non-slip shoes. Eco-grip is environmentally-friendly, so you can use it knowing you are making a positive difference.

With a non-slip surface, you can also be at peace knowing that everyone in business is safe from slips. A surface with Eco-grip will prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries. The materials used to make Eco-grip are virtually indestructible and puncture-resistant and will withstand all the daily abuse of any commercial setting.

Benefits of Eco-Grip Flooring

There are endless advantages to using Eco-grip in your business. Apart from being eco-friendly, the product comes with safety features designed to be precisely what your employees need to remain safe. The design is comfortable, and workers who are on their feet for the whole day will enjoy stepping on the soft surface.

Eco-grip surfaces are resistant to several environmental factors like chemicals, heat, punctures, etc. Its durable features will ensure your floor lasts longer. Cleaning eco-grip surfaces are also effortless, thanks to its waterproof design.

Unlike other floors, eco-grip floors withstand the traffic found in certain businesses like restaurants and stand the test of time. It allows you to reduce the overall cost of replacing and cleaning your floor over the years.

Health and Safety

Commercial kitchens are often busy, and spills are inevitable. You can prevent slips and falls when installing eco-grip floors as they are slip-resistant even when wet, ensuring your staff’s safety as they carry out their daily tasks. Another added advantage is that eco-grip floors, made from recycled materials, surpassed all requirements by OSHA and ADA.


Eco-grip floors are durable with stain and chemical resistance features. Cleaning them is also effortless, and you don’t have to worry about cracking due to the weight exerted upon them. They are the best floor designs for commercial kitchens and come with a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Installation and Cost

Businesses like restaurants are busy places all day long. If you close down for just a single day, it will mean a significant loss of revenue. You can install Eco-grip in a single night, avoiding demolition costs and downtime. The floors come in 5×8 sheets welded with seams to make installation straightforward.

Who Can Benefit From Eco-Grip Flooring?

Eco-grip is the best natural floor in the food industry with high needs. It is easy to clean and offers a comfortable environment to reduce accidents. Other businesses requiring eco-grip flooring include hospitals and industrial settings. Both environments face the risk of slips and falls.

Learn More about the Benefits of Eco-Grip Floors

Eco-grip floors are a great addition to boost aesthetics and safety. If you own a business and require a hygienic, safe, and long-lasting floor solution, it would be best to get an Eco-grip floor. At Precision Flooring Services, we offer professional flooring services with quality workmanship to boost your business’s success. Contact us today to get a risk-free quote.

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